Thursday, January 12, 2012

Student Loans

My student loans are the main reason I regret my decision for going to law school (if not college, in general). I can never get rid of them, and I will never make enough money to pay them off. In other words, my student loans will be with me to the day I die. I have never cried / freaked / stressed / screamed over something so much over something like my student loans. As I type this, my head is about to explode because of this student loan induced migraine. My student loans will eventually kill me . . . or put me in jail for burning down all the buildings of my private loan companies.

If you take anything away from reading this blog, please let it be that you should never - NEVER - take out private student loans. You do not need them. You do not need the stress that it causes. You do not deserve this kind of hardship. I absolutely hate this. If I knew, I would have handled my finances differently. I would have never done this. After all this hard work to become a lawyer, I deserve better.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking Risks

This post is about taking risks. They may not pay off in the end, but you have to at least try. So here is my most recent risk-taking moment:

I received a job offer with a prestigious organization for a 6-month assistant counsel contract position starting at the end of January. I was pretty excited. I had a week to determine whether I wanted to accept the offer. No-brainer, right? After all, I know individuals who graduated in May and have yet to be called in for an interview even after applying to hundreds of places.

That same night, I got a call. It was to schedule an interview for an organization that I only dreamed of working for - I more or less applied there as a joke. They wanted me to come in, but I already had an offer. So I told them of my job offer, yet they insisted I come in. 

I went to my interview. Lasted for an hour. And at the end, he told me that he was very interested, but could not make a decision. He was still interviewing a few other people, and the ultimate decision would come from his supervisor. He told me that I had an impressive resume and was very personable. He introduced me to the other attorneys and gave me a tour of the building. He told me about the other candidates and their positive / competitive attributes. Lastly, he told me to email him about my decision on my current job offer - whether I accepted or declined.

That's it. I left with no offer and an impossible decision. On one hand, my "possible dream job / unemployment" and on the other "money / not having to move in with my parents." 

My Decision: I am once again unemployed, awaiting hopefully what will be amazing news. I took a risk, and I am not looking back. I know I am taking a big risk, but I want to try. I'd rather go for something I love and fail, than settle for the easy path and regret it later.